Change the Little Things to Change the World


If you want to help bring about a safer, fairer, cleaner world, without poverty and the financial corruption that causes it, there are many things that you can do.

You could talk about it on forums. You could tell your friends to watch some documentaries. You could watch more and more conspiracy movies until you hate the establishment so much that you feel like you’re making a difference from your computer chair. All of these things might help, and spreading the word is definitely important. But there comes a time where you have to take what you have learned, and put it into practice.

People often ask how we can change this system. We should focus less on the politics. Any transition will be a gradual thing, and although public protest might swing things in the right direction, it alone will not be the transition.

To change the world, we must look to ourselves. By this I don’t just mean that we should recycle and then everything will be Ok.

What we need to do is look at the problems we have at the moment (of which there are many) and think about how to solve them. Not all of them, but one of them. We all have ideas of grandeur but what it will really come down to is individual acts of brilliance.

An example, and I appreciate this has brought negative consequences too, is the iPhone. This device has changed the way we live, even if we don’t own one. Yet it’s just a mobile phone that dared to take things to a new level. The technology was not new. All the concepts that made up the iphone already existed. They had just never been put together in that combination before.

New ideas come by combining 2 or more concepts which may never have been put together before. This technique can be used to create anything.

Visionaries like Buckminster Fuller and Jacque Fresco taught us to design solutions to bring about a better world. They imagined how we want to live, what life could be like. They then thought about how we will do things differently in this different world, and what will this cause us to need? When you see what we need, combine 2 or more concepts to come up with a creation to fill that need.

The potential for creation is immense. With a goal of changing our world from one where most people waste their lives in jobs they hate, to one where everyone has their needs met,we’d open the door to an untold number of possibilities. Ideas created with a better world in mind will themselves help bring it about. They can provide insights into a possible future by enabling aspects of it. Remember, just solve one problem at a time. If everyone did this, the benefits will accumulate and accelerate change.

Such ideas can make you a lot of money and this can help to shift the balance of power. The money can be used to further progressive causes, investing in more and more solutions.

But it’s not all about the money. It’s about solutions. It’s about making our lives better, enjoying what we do and creating a better world from the ground up.

So instead of trying to change people’s attitudes by telling them about how the world can be better, create a solution and show them.