How NOT to Make Lots of Money

Piles of twenty dollar billsMost people play the lottery, or depend on some kind of luck to bring them wealth. How many times have you had or heard the conversation: “What would you do if you won the lottery?”

I’m sure you’ve done it at some point. Have you ever wondered what you would do with all that cash? It would be the best birthday gift ever, wouldn’t it?

You may have done mystical things to try to help your chances – such as rubbing your ticket with a crystal maybe, or kissing it for luck. The trouble is, all that wishful thinking is actually holding you back from making a fortune in other more realistic ways.

You might think that you don’t let it hold you back, but by playing the lottery, you’re subconsciously hoping that some secret power will give you the financial freedom you desire. It is a distraction designed to keep you happy with what you have. Subconsciously, it is holding you back from making real effort to make your fortunes.

Forget about the lottery. To make money you need to use your own personal effort and hard work. Nothing is going to be handed to you on a silver platter. Sure, for a few people it will be that easy, and we wish you all the best. However, even if you do win, ask yourself: do you really expect it to last forever? Just how far do you expect a few million to go these days?

You’ve probably heard the phrase: “Money doesn’t make you happy”. There’s a lot of truth in this. It’s not the money that makes you happy, its how you spend your life. Money is a tool, nothing more.

If you’re like most people, you can become very happy by turning what you love doing into a profitable enterprise. That way, you will have a way of creating endless wealth – and you can spend your time in the best way possible – doing what you love!

That’s right, by turning what you love doing into a business you can become rich. First, let me explain the theory.

If you’re doing a job you love, you will do it well and to the best of your ability. If you’re running a business doing what you love, you will do it even better, knowing that your livelihood is on the line. You will strive to give your customers exactly what they want wherever possible, and therefore create a better reputation for yourself and your business. This will set the stage for you to earn more and more profits. Such is the beauty of business.

As much as you see it as an essential thing, playing the lottery is a total distraction from the pursuit of business. If you are secretly wishing you might win a few million, you are totally undermining your business potential. Know that your business is providing an invaluable service to the community, as well as making you happy. If you were suddenly no longer needing the money, you may stop your business, taking away both your happiness and a value-creating service.

I can almost hear you say to yourself that this all sounds sensible, but will this really help me to become a millionaire? The honest answer is yes it can. No matter what the enterprise, there is no upper limit to how much you can earn. It’s a long way off and another topic for the future, but know that it’s possible and start building a business based on what you love doing.

For now, look at how you can turn your attention away from wishing – and start doing. Success will not land in your lap or simply come to you – you have to get out there and get it by making things happen for yourself!