Improve Your Business Processes

Here are 2 secrets that could transform your business by improving your business processes.


If you simplify every job that you, or your employees do, you will not only save time,  but there will be less scope for mistakes. There is also the added bonus of being able to document your procedures more easily, which helps with training and also with obtaining industry standards such as ISO 9000 etc.

Look in detail at how you perform each task. There will be many attributes to the task that could be streamlined. Reduce the reliance on other people. Shorten distances travelled if possible. Break the task down, perhaps it can be done more effectively if you perform one part of it many times, then another part many times, in a similar way to an assembly line.

As a manufacturing metaphor, if you are building a car, it might simplify processes if the car was designed from the beginning with the asssembly process in mind. Allow for parts to be slotted in easily, click together, and be easily accessible.

In other jobs, think about how you can simplify development of how things work in a way that will simplify other tasks done all the way down the line. Live with this mentality and you will make every aspect of your life easier.


It’s amazing how many tasks can be automated nowadays, especially computer related tasks such as spreadsheet manipulation. Automating these tasks could help you save hundreds of man hours per person or even allow you to downsize the workforce.

Technology is getting better every day, allowing for more sophisticated yet cost effective robotics and computers. There are also a growing number of freelance programmers who can work for much less than full time employees. So even though programmers and robotic equipment may be expensive, it is definitely worth doing the cost projection analysis.

More Efficiency

Simplicity and Automation will help bring efficiency to your business. However, look at other ways you can improve efficiency. Practice effective Time Management. Look for ineffective processes. Think about the long term – do certain processes cause problems further down the line?

By simplifying and automating many processes, your business productivity could be streamlined, saving a fortune as well as radically improving efficiency and productivity.