Kitchen Nightmares Great for Business

kitchen nightmares good for business
Gordon Ramsay doesn't get involved in the petty struggles, he focuses on delivering value

Kitchen Nightmares is my favorite Gordon Ramsay show. It’s so satisfying to see him go into a struggling business and turn it around.

Gordon Ramsay knows the secret of success. He does what he loves and he learnt to do it well. He concentrates on the essence of business, creating value that customers will want to spend their money on. He compliments this with strong business prowess, ensuring that he delivers quality products and service in the most efficient way possible. On top of all this, he is in a niche that affects everyone – food.

The businesses Ramsay helps are mostly clueless. They’re so hung up on emotional issues, focusing on the problems with their workplace relationships while expecting customers to swallow bad food and bad service. I can’t believe how much crying, tantrum throwing and power struggling happens instead of concentrating on what the business is there for. It’s usually always grown men, too.

Business is about giving the customer what they want and providing it in a way that is better than they could provide it to themselves. Having a business all too often gets caught up in the politics of people, the needs of the staff instead of the needs of the customers. It’s a simple change of focus, that when combined with Ramsey’s inspiring talks, turns businesses around.

This simplicity is testified to by the makers of the show. They have a working formula of “Bad restaurant > Crying staff > Shouting Ramsey > Fixed restaurant” that they repeat episode after episode to keep their customers happy.

And I for one can’t get enough.