5 Ways to Find Your Passion

Imagine Money is No Object

Many of us put our passions on hold when we grow up and enter the adult world because we simply have to make a living. Some of us are lucky to earn money from doing our passions, but many of us are not.

Yet we should be careful not to think that making money and our passions are related. Money does not necessarily correlate to our passions – it may even be impossible to make a living from your passion.

Letting go of this correlation opens up your options. It allows us to imagine what we would do if money was no object. If we no longer needed to work every day in order to survive, we could do things without focusing on what makes money, just on what makes us happy.

Remember Your Childhood

When you were a child, what activities did you enjoy doing? When nobody had any expectations of you – when you had abundant free time, what were you driven to do? Which subjects at school inspired you? What kind of people did you hang around with?

Perhaps remembering these times will remind you of times that you were motivated and inspired. Can you use these memories to figure out what you enjoy most?

Forget About Obligations

Forget about other people and what they want you to do. Forget about what makes money. Forget about future career prospects. All these thing will come, but for now, live in the present. Don’t be distracted by the end results, live in the moment and enjoy what you are doing. Realize what it is that makes you live – and live.

Find your Downstream Focus

What is it that you are naturally drawn to? What is it that you enjoy? What do you find yourself doing if you are in a job or school lesson that gives you some free time?

Find the river of your passion and jump in. If it’s the right river, you won’t try and fight the current – you’ll let it carry you.

Invest some Time

If you still can’t find your passion, you may not even know what it is. The only way to find out is to spend time trying things out. Fill your days with experiences. Try different things. Expand your horizons.

Getting to know yourself is the best way to find your passion. Learn what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy. This base of experiences will let you shape your future direction.

Finding your Passion

Doing what we love is what gives our lives meaning. It makes us happier and more fulfilled, which reflects positively on our friends and family.

Live the life you were meant to live – Find Your Passion today!